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August 15, 2014


Ooooh what medium format camera did you get?? Excited for you, btw.

I got a Mamiya C330 a few weeks ago and then my kids came home from Korea and now my back's gone out so I haven't developed anything yet (I shoot digital AND film, do you do any film?) but I have 2 rolls waiting.

Sounds like your work is coming along great. Happy for you.

Also, sorry about Bear Bait.

I got the Pentax 645z. I am committed to digital mostly because we have to work so fast and in such volume that I am quite sure I would go mad trying to find the few extra days to develop and scan my negatives.

I have looked those! Nice nice camera. Good on you. I am not in school or doing actual work (just art-fart) with mine, so... I love the darkroom more than anything I have ever done before!

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