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June 17, 2011


There are so many really bad viruses circulating around the US right now. Nearly every person I talk to is or has struggled with an upper respiratory issue in the last two months! That is ODD! I turned grey at the gym a couple weeks ago too..and the trainer and owner were looking at me like I was an Avatar or something...and told me to go home. LOL Instead I went back to the doc and was put on round 2 of antibiotics (I very very seldom go on antibiotics and this is twice in one month!!!) for the stupid never-ending sinus infectcion. I think it started with the virus but then moved to my sinuses and took up residence. I kept blaming it on allergies/pollen/etc. when it did not quite go away but I guess I needed to kick its ass with more drugs. I am ok now. And actually this past week have FINALLY been able to get back to what I usually do in the gym.

Long story short: go get checked out. Especially if you have a low grade fever! Don't let it turn into something worse. Take care!!

(Maybe you got some virus or bacteria from.....dead animals.....?? ew!)

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