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December 18, 2010


Sorry your gall bladder is still bothering you. When mine acted up I had to cut out all fats completely. I gradually added them back in and now I eat full fat dairy with no problems. Occasionally I get a twinge or a sore spot but I haven't had an attack since June of 2000.

I keep forgetting to come tell you that I've taken up running! I went for 3 weeks but had to take a break due to bursitis of the knee. UGH!! I hate being old and out of shape! I'll start back up after the holidays with some new running shoes. So far I've actually enjoyed it, totally shocking for me, lol.

Thanks for being an inspiration!


Really appreciated your comment on my blog, Click, you've given me much food for thought. THANKS!

Just wanted to say about the gall bladder: My son's dad had his gall bladder removed, and he says life is SO MUCH better now diet wise, EXCEPT for chocolate. Since the op, he can't eat much chocolate, because it immediately makes him feel sick. So, for those folk who urge you to have it removed, I'd say an op is definitely not the first consideration. It might remove the attacks, but it's not necessarily going to be plain sailing. If you're removing chocolate already, then you're halfway there AND you get to keep your gall bladder!

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