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October 01, 2010


Cleaning - ugh. I'd have trouble with that goal too! But you did great with the weight loss:)

My organizing goal also needs more work, Click. Rocking your goals through PMS, that's FABULOUS! I'd consider that a total success. Good luck for next week!

Sounds like you had a pretty good start to the challenge.

Me too on the cleaning, I need to Fall clean instead of blog hopping! But this is so much fun!

Good luck with week two!

Oh goodness, I could stand to have one (or ten!) cleaning goals. It's the absolute last thing I ever want to do! Good luck on week 2!!

Congratulations, three pound loss is a great way to start the challenge. I don't think I inherited the 'cleaning' gene. Best wishes for reaching all your goals of the challenge.

I could never make a goal about cleaning LOL, I would fail this goal most weeks lol

Doesn't it kind of feel good to say you overdid it on grapes? :-)

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