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October 20, 2010


yep, know exactly what you mean. Usually for me it's 4 or 5 o'clock. Sometimes I even get the shakes, I'm so hungry. I started eating a serving of walnuts -- and if I'm still hungry after 25 minutes, a piece of fruit. Seems to help, but no matter what I eat during the day, I can't seem to get through 5pm without a snack. frustrating!

As a professional at this eating (badly) thing, I know what works, even when I don't do it. So, why not follow the six eating periods a day approach...breakfast, snack, meal, snack, small meal, snack? Remember grazing? Remember food diaries? Watching the effects of what you eat may pay off. "They" say eating anything after 7:30 is bad, but we all have to consider when we get up and go to bed, so don't be stuck to times, just try to have the crunchy greens, nuts, celery, low carb fruits, etc. around and PLAN AHEAD so you have something with you when you start to get hungry.No sense letting the hungry feeling go to starving, out of control. This from someone on the "lose 10 pounds a year diet" ...year 2. Think of me as the turtle.

I tried the 6 meal a day route- still gnawing on anything in sight around 3. What I suspect is happening to me is a panic response to some slight physical lull in -I don't know what- that happens in the afternoon. I am going to dig out the husband's old glucometer and see if my blood sugar dips around then. Then I am out of ideas.

I get the same response almost every single day around 3-3:30. I tried every approach and then finally decided that I would just set aside a high protein snack to eat at that time: greek yogurt, nuts, fruit & string cheese. Occasionally I will realize I never ate that snack but most days I do.

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