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September 23, 2010


as a vegetarian myself... I eat a lot of beans for protien. I of course don't know about your food alergies, but chick peas and lentils are a great source. I love tofu, but I know a lot of ppl are alergic to soy. Surprisingly, brown rice and brocoli are also a good source. Best of luck

Green smoothies! The raw foodie way of getting more protein is all about including spinach and other green leaves in your smoothies. Since raw is a good way to combat any physical distress, I'd say that's definitely worth a ponder. Good luck, Click!

Hi I notice you are into photography, I'm in school right now studying photography. I got your name off the Hot 100 Challenge, I hope you don't mind me adding you as one of my favorite blogs.

Beans are another good source of protein, but they have their own challenges. Of course, as you pointed out, nuts have protein too.

So glad you dodged the bullet!

I hate to burst your bubble, but re-read the part you cut and pasted from his email..."That makes it less urgent for surgery. You still need to have a surgeon or gastroenterologist give you the low-down from their point of view."

Good Doc didn't say NO NEED for surgery, he said LESS URGENT.

So, since I want you to be healthy and happy for years to come, listen to Good Doc...LESS URGENT -- as in not needed today, but still needed. Hate to burst your happy bubble on a lovely weekend.

Thanks for the photo...Aster with Bee?

Dang! My editor! Now I have to scrape myself off of the floor! Here is my thought process ..... The good doc is still an MD and because of that he is required to tell me that standard medical practice is surgery after 2 gall bladder attacks. But, if you ask a pathologist, you will find that 99% of removed gall bladders have no sign of gall bladder disease (which is different than stones) and also, just like most people of a certain age have some kind of disc dislocation but only half are symptomatic because theirs are pressing on a nerve, a large portion of the population also has kidney stones but half have no idea because they eat a certain diet. Let's see if I can be inspired by the chance of pain and get my act together and not have another attack because I eat so well. This time around I am going to DECIDE.

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