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September 28, 2010


wow, I loved reading this post! Once again, I have the Hot 100 challenge to thank for my discovery of your blog.
Thanks for sharing this. It really does help to know one is not alone.
I'm really looking forward to reading more.

I tried to carbless ONE DAY.

didnt work
couldnt think
couldnt drive :)

that said, it works well for some.

not me :) I NEED TO DRIVE.


Luckily I'm sailing along just fine with my small portions and don't think I will need to take drastic carb-les measures! With three kids I do an astounding amount of driving just to drop them off and pick them up at whatever it is they do, so a sharp and focused head is essential for this mom.

Dinner is usually carbless at our house. Last night we had rice because I had a ton of calories left to consume. It was super yummy and I can't give it up completely!

I could never go completely carbless... not how I want to live. BUT I am starting to try having my main carb in the morning with breakfast and the only carbs after that in the form of fruit. So lunch and dinner being a lean meat and lots of nonstarchy veggies. We will see how that goes :)


I like to cut up all the veggies in the house and throw it in a bowl and enjoy. I have been on a raw veggie kick lately.

I found you via the Hot 100

Cutting out fruit after you've already cut out most sweets can be really tough! It sounds like you're determined.

We're gonna be burnin up this last three months of 2010, we are. :D


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