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June 27, 2010


aaww, bye bunnies! You gave them roots, then wings.

It sure feels good to not recognize yourself, doesn't it? I had the same experience with my abs about a year ago. Now they are still not defined moreso than a line I can see around the muscle, but I can see it, and that is all that matters right now!

BTW, there is nothing wrong with a little exercise addiction!

Camp for 8 weeks??? WOW!! Amy(my 14yo) was gone for 13 days to NYC and Swedesboro, NJ and it was HARD on me! My "baby" is at camp this week for just 5 days. She's my needy/difficult child so this is a welcome separation. Ryan(17) is going to an unschooling camp in August and the girls will go to my parents home in North Carolina. They'll all be gone the whole month of August but we'll join them near the end for a short vacation. I cannot imagine an 8-wk camp though!LOL

You have ABS!!! I am jealous but super happy for you! It means you are healthy! Unfortunately I'm not an addictive personality at all so I have a hard time sticking with dieting(or just healthier eating) and exercise just sucks for me! Wish there was a willpower pill, I'd take it!


I never thought I'd send them to camp at all, but then one by one they all started begging for it. And they love it. Evan Josh who had a disaster of a time last year is dying to go to a different camp. Go figure.

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