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May 01, 2010


You are indeed strong enough to rip someone's face off now...that is empowering! :) Being physically strong is a great confidence booster on all levels.

I think weight loss is sort of like being pregnant in that stangers/acquaintances feel like they can be involved and ask personal questions. But...know that (at least most of them) are truly interested and curious and DO really want to know how you have done such a remarkable thing. You could always make something up and tell them that you lost weight when you started on meth.....LOL...just to get a laugh.

Keep it up.....you are doing great! Hugs from across the country.

Hahahaha. That is totally what I am going to do! I'll have to ask Evan which drug makes you lose weight the fastest. He memorized the DARE program in 4th grade. HE was completely entranced and is our resident illegal drug authority!

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