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May 06, 2010


I hope this is nothing. I'll say a prayer for you.

There are lots of weird but benign things that can dwell in those parts. I had to go back for a mamo-take-two about 6 months ago...they did another mamo and an ultrasound. I have some cysts in there that are indeed benign. If your dude was not alarmed or concerned about what was in there...you are ok!! They just want to look again in 6 months to make sure there is no change in size or structure..they have a baseline now. If it was cancer...it would have looked like cancer and it would have been clear. These other things..just need to be watched. Don't lose sleep!! Esp now that you are breathing well again. Had it been bad....they would know it and would have done something about it.

I agree, Click, "probably" is not the kind of word you want to hear around anything mammogram-related.

Like you never want to hear your hairdresser say "Oh dear" while cutting.

Sending you light, and remember (though you know this) **YOU** ARE THE MANAGER OF YOUR HEALTH. If it freaks you out, take steps to find out more! If you can relax in the knowledge that they know what they're talking about, then it's cool too, and you can happily wait out the 6 months without another thought on the matter.

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