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April 29, 2010


Hey..I will tell you what to eat! LOL (as per your post on my blog). Try the smoothie shakedown protocol. It is super easy and fairly brainless (I like that..I was over thinking things too much there for a while). Two smoothies a day (add the greek yogurt like I do..you need it because of your workouts)....then 6 oz protein and veggies for lunch or dinner...and a couple 150 calorie snacks in between. Not a lot of thinking. Good results. Healthy. It can free your brain up for other things for a couple weeks.

I wish it was that simple for me. After reading your post I asked the chiro about that kind of protein powder. He happened to have a different brand on hand and tested it against me and it wasn't helpful. They do have a simpler one at WF, which I am going to pick up and take for a whirl, but can't mix it with yogurt (allergic) so I might add some hemp milk and almond butter or something. Gotta wrap my head around the whole smoothie thing in the mean time. It's not something I lean towards, but the weight loss boost sure is seductive.

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