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April 17, 2010


Shrinking out of clothes = truly the magicest magic there is! Booyah, Click!
I understand about feeling unsafe when getting skinnier. This is a topic of much current self-talk here, too, though I don't have your history.
I was a fruitarian for a year and a half, in which I only ate raw fruit and nuts. It was the healthiest, most energetic time in my life marked by my lowest adult weight ever. (Cravings like mad, though.) It always strikes me as strange when folk shy away from fruit. You can't get anything healthier, and it is a constant striving of mine to work 'buckets' of fruit back into my lifestyle. Just saying! =)

Shrinking out of jeans is awesome, even if the undies accidentally came down too! :-)

I hope your back gets better soon. That is really rough.

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