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March 20, 2010


Dang..that sounds hellish. But it does sound like you have some stuff in there that needs to evacuate. Slow and steady sounds like a plan that is the most realistic.

Do a google search for a clorox bath. It sounds weird...I know...but it can be a good detox. Ann Louise Gittleman talks about it in one of her fat flush books. I am sure you can get more info with google...and..also make sure it does not interact badly with anything else you are doing!! (lord) Hang in there. A pure clean toxic-free you is coming soon...right?

Glad you're feeling better after that scary episode, click - sounds like something the Mad Hatter would experience. Hope today is muuuuuuuch better.

Of course you can do it!
And slow and steady WILL win the race!

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