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March 28, 2010


One word for you...."shrug". Get a sleeveless dress then find a cute shrug to go with it. Just a thought.

Pink bubbles? Sort of interesting. Like that scene from Dumbo...remember that..when he is on acid or whatever? LOL

My arms are 12.25 inches around right now and have a bit of tone to them...and I am STILL self conscious about them. Sigh. My triceps are still a bit slappity. I think we ourselves worry far more about things like that than anyone else does, tho...so..hey....maybe just GO SLEEVELESS. What the hell!?! :)

Skinny chicks...I bet you could have out-swung them with those bells and taught them a thing or two! Just barge in next time (mostly..because I want to read the story about it)

Smiles..from the left coast to the right coast. Have a great week!

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