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January 27, 2010


Ross or TJ Maxx for sports bras...don't pay more than $5 and get some cute colors...to impress your nice "son-like" trainer. :)

Sounds like a great workout! I am my own trainer for now...but did spend money on my two teenagers and my husband for a coule training sessions.....hm. What is wrong with that picture? Tho..I am really good at getting some training advice from the "bored" looking trainers at the gym. Ask a question or two and they are eager to assist.

Your Mom is still with you...in your cells and your genes...and in your memories. You honor her when you honor youself by taking such good care of yourself. She's smiling at you for sure! You are doing great!

Thank you for not using the word cougar.

What photos do you have of Mommy? Can you scan them?

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