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January 21, 2010


Synthroid won't make you drop weight..sorry. Sudafed might....but I am NOT going to recommend that because it will also make you a spaz and annoy the heck our of your family and friends! :X

Read this:

I'm betting your body fat has come down since December and muscles have gone up. That does not help you on the weigh-ins, tho. What might helps is upping protein and fat, and keeping carbs to 100-120 grams or so a day...getting them mostly from fruits and veggies. Just try it for a week and see...if it is not a good plan..then ditch it! It works well for lots of folks, tho.

Don't lift every day....only lift 3-4 times a week maximum!! Part of your weight right now might be your muscles clinging on to water because they are in freak-out mode and trying to repair themselves. A day of rest between lifting is pretty important.

Change up your calories. Do 1200, then 1400, then 1300, then 1500, then 1200....etc. That is a nifty trick. too.

You are doing great...a few tweaks and the scale will be your new best friend!!!

yeah; what Greta said.LOL You are getting healthier and leaner no matter what the scale says!!


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