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January 22, 2010


I hope you got some good info on the dance from the boys. All I could hear going there was a very serious discussion regarding shaving.

Bit by a shark? Now that is pretty interesting!

Bit by a shark may be the most interesting secret fact I've read this week!

Wow, good week, clickmom, and I agree, your secret takes the cake for ALL Perfect 10 participants this week. I had to laugh at you needing more hobbies, grunting at the gym. (tee-hee) ... Good luck for the next week!

Thanks for the comment today and good job on your perfect 10. I'm with everyone else, your secret has beaten most that I've read this week.

I don't have a digital scale either. I'm sure I would get addicted to it. We can both celebrate our "probably one pound" this week!

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