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November 27, 2009


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know I understand every feeling you just described and found myself experiencing a few of those "resentful" thoughts myself on Thanksgiving. However, I have begun to do things only if "I want" to. Meaning, I also cooked on Thanksgiving Day. However, I reminded myself that I wanted that meal and first and foremost I was making it for Kristy. It helps a little bit...but I understand not feeling appreciated. I think all fantastic women feel that way more often than they care to admit. Thanks for admitting it because I'm sure a lot of people just did a sigh of relief.

To you, and to Kristy as well, may your families appreciate you more!

I go to my mom's for Thanksgiving every year.

My sister shows up right before we eat and leaves right after the meal. She does not cook, set the table, clean up, do dishes or anything other than sit and stuff her face.

My father is of the generation that the women cook and clean. And the men, well the men sit.

So if I wasn't there to help my mom no one would. It's why I never go on vacation on Thanksgiving like some people do.

This year my sister showed up early, and then complained when she had to wait to eat. She also complained about the selection of side dishes. There were only 4 people, how many dishes did she think we were gonna make?

Family... can't live with them. But you're thankful for them anyway. For some reason.

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