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November 08, 2009


SooooooSooooo proud of you! Congrats!

"Sleep on my new green striped sheets..." heh. Reading that, my coffee made it (un-satisfyingly) to just about to coming out my nose, but not quite. Worse, somehow.

Woo Hoo!!! Congratulations!!! When do I get to go to one of your shows? I really want to but you keep insisting they're too far away :-( Will there be one closer to the City? What happened to the gallery in the City that was interested??

The stuff is in the gallery in Jersey right now- I forgot to tell the gallery guy about the awards!

Im going to bring him two more photos to frame this week, so Ill ask if he is thinking of rotating the photo he has into the city.

If he does, Ill meet you there!

Great, then I get to actually meet you! Very weird feeling like you know someone without having actually met them.

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