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July 20, 2009


Was it an otter or a nutria? Or a beaver? It kinda looks beaverish to me!

OMG way to freak out the city kid. Nutria?!?!? I didn't even know what a nutria is! Now you made me do internet research. The reason I still believe it is an otter (and not my new fear, the nutria) is because the one on the photo (the one I saw a couple of days ago) is carrying a fish in it's mouth. The beaver and nutria are both herbivores. Unless the one I saw a couple of days ago is an otter and the little one we saw today is a nutria. I might never go in the water again.

I'm thinking otter too, especially if it had a fish!! How big was that big one in the pic? We have river otters in east Texas that can get 4-5 feet long and they do also live in lakes.

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