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May 05, 2009


There is a guy I know that I think must be allergic to deodorant. Blech.

I'm trying very hard NOT to be that guy!

yeah i've got that same problem... allergic to deodorants. i eventually found michellem (sp?) seems to work. i still pit out at times but well i guess that's bound to happen. what kind are you using now that works?

How about the organic brands? Like Tom's Of Maine or Burt's Bee's?

There's also:

Bubble and Bee "Pit Putty" - I kid you not that's what it's called:


Good luck with the one you have. If it doesn't work, try these.

A few years ago I got what is so nastily known as "jock itch" or "athelete's foot" in one pit after using a swim towel after my son's friends(unknowingly of course). I finally figured out what it was and used one of those creams that gets rid of it. I used a scentless deodorant(not antiperpirant) made of the same salts as "the crystal" deodorant rock thingie. If you end up trying a gazillion different things, try the foot funk cream in case its a fungus.


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