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April 25, 2009


"but Evan getting older doesn't really have any thrill factor or life recouping benefit for me." -

Wow - talk about giving the kid middle child syndrome.

"he just wanted to be appreciated for his superior intellect and deep thinking abilities and not for his dashing good looks."

- Evan will be the evil genious who ends up ruling... well whatever he wants to rule!

Happy Birthday Evn!

The funny thing is that as well as Evan fits the middle kid stereotype today, he also fit it to a tee his first four years of life when he was the youngest of two. Unless a kid can be born psychically knowing he is going to end up a middle kid one day I still can't figure that one out. Hopefully Evan, the strikingly handsome evil genius that he is, will aim just a hair line lower than world domination. It looks like he is heading towards a nice financial empire since he told his friends and family he only wants cash for his birthday because he is thinking this a good time to play the market. You know, buy low sell high. Evan wants in on the action right now.

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