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March 25, 2009


Well, I'm VERY proud of you and I would not have waited that long to tell them off. I would probably have even gone further and would have tried to get them removed from the performance. The kids on stage are putting their hearts into it and deserve all the respect we can give them. Good for you!!!!!

I actually got out of my chair and danced a happy dance when I was reading this!!! YAHOO for YOU!!!

Hope your body is feeling better soon. My mom twisted and broke her ankle Wednesday afternoon, she's hurting all over too but mostly from having to use a walker.


ps, I have a new blog url

Brava for you! I did that once during a middle school talent show. Sitting in the balcony with a bunch of braying asses who didn't have the nerve to enter the show, but felt entitled to make fun of those who did. Society tolerates rude behavior too often...especially from intimidating teenagers. So glad you said what you did.

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