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February 22, 2009


I don't really mind the wildlife that's around. We regularly throw leftovers and old fruit outside for the squirrels. Raccoons are mean though, I know that.

Well, technically I trapped it OUTside after it had visited INside the house a few too many times. It was very sweet and shy and cute and you would have LOVED it. Quite unlike that bald pink tailed mystery animal which is an Oppossum, by the way, and is rather creepy looking.

Oooopossums are nasty!!! Yuck. We live in "the city" here in east Texas and have a family of coyotes within 100 yards of our home, foxes, deer, possums, squirrels, bobcats, and WILD HOGS all within a 1/2 mile of us!!!! You'd think we were in the middle of BFE but we're a lovely suburban neighborhood. In fact, there was a dead raccoon on our street this weekend. First time I've seen one that close to us in the 30 years I've lived here.

oops, how could I forget about the armadillo we had living under our deck!! We knew there was a critter out there, it had a musky odor but wasn't a skunk or fox. One night something scared it and it fell in our pool. Did you know armadillos have air bladders they can blow up? They can swim like fish!!! We finally managed to get it onto a shovel and it leapt from our yard never to be seen again.


Thanks for the warning! I'm never moving to East Texas now. I thought the tiny little lizards in Boca were bad enough, but armadillos with expanding bladders swimming in my pool... that's just not gonna happen for me, you know?

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