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January 12, 2009


Yeah...trashing yourself while you're actually doing your best doesn't help anything. Hey...did you get my email? Did it help? Or..not?

You should be grateful for your body. You may have some aches and pains but it works. You don't have any major debilitating diseases. You are very fit and strong despite the weight. That's a fantastic thing. You're always trying to be fit and going to the gym to strengthen your body. The gym isn't all about losing weight it's about making your muscles stronger and making you physically feel better.

Some people keep gratitude journals to remind them of all that they have in their lives. You do that all the time here on your blog. You're always saying how you're grateful for your friends and your family and your home and all that you have in your life. It's good to read that you're thankful for yourself and your health. :)

I'm always torn on this. On the one hand, I want to revel in any little headway I make in losing weight but then I chastise myself for stopping and appreciating it when I should keep pushing myself to lose more. It's tough when society has told you your whole life that women need to look a certain way. Really, I just want to be healthy, you know?

And I would love to take a spinning class but I am afraid I'd die.

Just keep spinning! And being nice to yourself.

Claire - Why not do both? you can revel in your headway and still push to do more. There's nothing wrong with celebrating what success you have even in small doses. It's a progression. Society is so stuck in pushing and doing and not congratulating ourselves on our little successes. Reveling in the little headway will make you want to keep going.

And spin won't kill you. You can go at your own pace, you don't need to keep up with the instructor or the cyclist next to you. I go and I'm never as fast as the instructor. Sometimes I do the inclines, sometimes I don't. Try it - you might like it. :oD

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