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January 26, 2009


Better make sure to cover up that blood! It's a sure giveaway.

hey woman - you need to email me, because apparently your email changed and I've tried to respond to your comments a couple of times but it ain't workin. cadykansas at gmail dot com. :)
Also, blood and snow don't mix. But I did have someone tell me once that if you remove the intestines from a dead body, it will sink like a rock in a pond or lake, and never return to the surface to become evidence. :)

Evan cracks me up and now I'm a little afraid of Jenny Meade. Why does she know that about the intestines??

well I've never actually TESTED it, you understand. Could very well be high school boy made-up BS to impress girls (that is indeed the source). But it sounds viable? The air pockets and stuff? Maybe we should as Gil Grissom. He'd know.

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