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January 22, 2009


Angelina is clearly scary. Good thing that was a dream.

I have the same thing...except I don't see why I haven't lost weight on day 2. ;) I mean, I was SO GOOD yesterday, so why aren't I perfect?

When we were going to the gym, I had to watch something that didn't promote the type of body image that would mess with my mind. I watched SportsCenter or the Weather channel. (Or ER when I went in the morning.) This way I wouldn't feel so fat. Also, the Duggars freak me right the heck out.

I don't normally watch "The View"...mainly because I can't stand Elizabeth, but also because it's usually on when I'm getting ready for work. HOWEVER! I did tune in briefly that day and I did hear Joy ask that question. Loved it. But the Duggars? FREAKS.

You know you could have put the three way with Brad and Angelina at the beginning of your post. The View, not so much. But then again I'm a guy. Though I do have a "little" thing for Elizabeth. I love blondes.

Good luck with the excercise. Staying with it is the hardest part....

Mmm...Angelina... er, what? Dieting would be much easier to stick with if you'd get faster results. Same with working out.

You can do it I know you can!!!

Um - Angelina SCARY
The Duggars - SCARIER - I watched the Duggar Wedding last night and the airing of episode the birth of the most recent Duggar. I gotta say it was like a train wreck. Didn't want to watch - so painful but I couldnt look away. The kids hadn't even kissed before the wedding and they asked permission to hold hands. Now whatever your stance is on pre-marital whatever i think they should have been able to kiss before the wedding. When the kid proposed after Anna accepted he hugged her. ONE ARMED. Not even a full on arms around the waist full body hug. A one arm around the shoulder hug. AFTER he asked her to marry him and she accepted. It was painful to watch how much they wanted to kiss but couldnt.

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