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November 23, 2008


I really feel for you! Having been there, as far as the cleaning goes, I can tell you that getting rid of the books and clothing is SOOOO freeing! Last year(and the year before) I held a book sale. Being homeschoolers, we collect tons of books. I had over 2500 to get rid of. I think I sold maybe 100 and ended up giving the rest to a fellow homeschooling mom who had the time to sell them on eBay. It felt woooonderful to have them gone. We regularly donate clothing to Goodwill or Salvation Army. My girls get hand-me-downs from older friends in the form of 6-7 leaf bags at a time so we thin them to what they might wear in the future and then after they've reached that size we thin again to things they actually will wear. Anyway....

Keep your chin up!!

Actually that de-clutter guy on Oprah (book - Is your clutter making you fat?) says 12 months on the clothes, but I'm more of a 24 month gal.

If only it was the clutter making me fat and not the carbs! I'd be carb sucking a neat freak!!

I figured three years was too long, but I was trying time it to my weight fluctuation cycle. I figure about every three years I begin to shed the poundage again.

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