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September 11, 2008


I believe I once asked you in an email how old you were in the picture you have posted of you with the camera on the webpage. Wehn you told me I nearly fell over and repied back that I thought it was a photo of you from High School. I think you'd said that the pic was only a few years old and that was last year when we had this email exchange. You look younger than you are hum. Enjoy it!

You do look very young in your photo. Remember, I have nothing to gain by lying/false flattery.

When I first came to your blog, based on your photo, I thought you were in early twenties. When I became a regular, I realized that you were a little older. Then I saw the pictures of your kids and thought "wow! this girl looks so much younger than she possibly is"

Good for you. Embrace it! Enjoy it!

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