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September 26, 2008


I like it and I will love it once you style it yourself - they always make it flat when I leave the hairdresser too!! I think it is very flattering... did you lost weight?

PS - Your nephew just walked by and said - "hey she looks good!!"

I love the hair. It looks fantasitc! Shorter hair makes you look younger. Not that you need to look younger, you already look way younger than you are. But I think you should always keep your hair this length. It's very flattering. :)

Really really darn cute!

I like it! Kudo's to you for donating it to a good cause too. I would donate my hair in a heartbeat if it grew long enough to donate. It hits a certain length and stops growing. I get it trimmed every six weeks...and it never goes beyond a certain length..my entire life. Very weird.

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