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September 22, 2008


Well, the purple with the pink shirt looks really good!! I like that one alot. I can't really see any of the other's that well, except the first one. I think you did that on purpose, because I know you are a better photographer than that! The first one, I say, toss! That little purple one would look good wrapped around a couple of times as a bracelet, too. Try that. I am a costume and jewelry designer by hobby (theatre stuff, mostly) and have made tons of beaded jewelry, even to the point of doing hot bead work (never again, toooo hot!!)with a torch, so I should know, but I would feel challenged by lots of tacky flea-market plastic jewelry, too, so don't feel too bad. Just be sure not to toss it till you have someone who knows take a look at it. Some of that old stuff (even plastic) is worth lots to collectors and such.

Wow, they all look pretty good. I like rings and bracelets, but am not a necklace person.

Yay for finding creative ways to wear mom's tacky jewelry. Although, not all of it was tacky. Some of them were nice. I liked the pearly thing and the purple beads :)

After all that...and I was meant to be paying attention to the jewelry...however I must say this. Your children look exactly like YOU!!! I don't think I've ever seen pictures of your husband and baby Daddy...but even if I did..I'd probably say the same thing. They are all you!!!

I was hairstyle challenged for years and then I straightened my hair one day a few weeks ago and the compliments have been nonstop. I now straighten it and it's rather easy....much like ironing a shirt between two irons.

OMG Matt! Does he realize he's starting to channel Howard Stern with that hair?


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