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July 25, 2008


Wow - first - NOBODY looks good with a ponytail so tight your eyes start to slant - - second - You said to our cousin "didn't you know that I am the family genius" and when he said do you think that you are the smart one in the family you replied emphatically "yes" - - third - You even mentioned your 2 to 3 a day hiccup battles were more than the national average - - fourth - I never freakin' mentioned your pits, that was your thing and fifth - - he asked if you were a good cook and you replied "I am an excellent cook"

So whether warranted or not you obviously think highly of yourself - conceited of convinced? I guess that is an age old argument that I am not going to start here......

PS - Your high school was not for "gifted" kids - just kids who tested well academically -

Dear readers,

I'd stay away from this one too.

Love, Clickmom

Cat fight!

And, a sibling cat fight, even more incendiary. Because there's nothing worse or better than a sibling. They can cause a fully functioning normal person to go psycho in one second. And they can take it all away just as fast.

Do I get the tenderloin?

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