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July 06, 2008


Smothered in bosom. We've all been there.

glad that you got to see your boy and have a nice visit... and meet some extremely friendly friend of his. :)

xoxox o

Okay, I really enjoy reading about Matt. He seems like a great kid. But I'm with Danelle. HE NEEDS TO CUT HIS HAIR. Seriously..... Show him this comment. PLEASE!?!

You know, I always said my kids could do what ever they wanted as long as it wasn't permanent. Now that has come back to bite me in the ass. You wouldn't believe the way Matt's peers fawn over his hair. Guys and girls. I'll just have to wait it out- or I figure he'll go off to college, not have me around for damage control and go for a low maintenance buzz or something. I'm more worried about the serious teen aged arenas for disaster than I am about his hippie hair. Besides, I secretly enjoy the agita it causes the extraordinarily mainstream conformist husband!

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