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June 26, 2008


I guess you have to weigh her quality of life, and the amount of suffering that goes with both decisions. Will amputating the leg give her a decent quality of life, at 96 years old? Probably not. Will she have more pain? Likely. Is it likely that more infections will follow? It is. Does prolonging her life actually help her? It does not, IMHO. But obviously you have to do what feels right.
I'm sorry you have to do this. I'm sorry it means you have to deal with scumcle. (Do you, actually, have to deal with him? If you have guardianship, you do not, unless you are trying to be nice to him, in which case, you are a saint.)

Does grandma have an opinion one way or the other? I know you said she's demented, but she might be able to say what she wants. Otherwise, you might ask the prognosis of a bone infection and potential sepsis that may result from it leading to death. I'm so sorry.

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