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June 22, 2008


i believe. i do.

i'm speechless.

those pictures are gorgeous and even more than that the signs that your mom sent that she is okay... are amazing.

i have to go... i'm crying.

thank you for sharing. that is such a gift.


Hi, I stumbled upon your journal post while searching for something entirely different. it caught my eye...I just lost my mom on the 21st of June...1 week ago...and on the night of her wake there was a rainbow over the funeral home..Everyone that came in to pay their respects were talking about it...We all believe that my Mom sent that rainbow for us...I just wanted to share that with you. Both of our Mom's are in heaven and are at peace. Your post touched my heart. Thank you for sharing it...Sincerely, Diane V. from Coventry, Rhode Island

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