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May 04, 2008


Makes complete sense. small mustard stain near crotch is suspect. "What is that?", people will wonder. Bigger mustard AND ketchup stains... looks like paint. See he even fooled you! :)

Ha, the "paint" story is so funny. The way kids rationalize things...

As for laundry - whee! The rule in my house is when you turn 9 years old you do your own laundry..She has to do it on a certain day (Tuesday) and it works out GREAT.

totally makes sense to me. I think I've done the same thing before.

I give him 10,000 points for not wanting undue attention in the groin area. Seems to me all his peers are obsessed with grabbing it all the time...like what? They need to check it's still there? Ugh.

Yay for yours and his creative solution!

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