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May 06, 2008


Scumle decides that he has always, truly wanted to be a woman and has decided to finally have a sex change job. But! He can't afford to live in his house, or the country house and asks Clickmom if he can live for free with her.

Oh! I could, could go on and on - but can't decide if you kill him with in the first half hour or quietly in his sleep! :0)

okay i can't top jen- mom of 4. that was hilarious!

Hahaha! I wish! Good one!

I'm afraid to guess - I don't want to be right! And with anyone else, I could just guess some wild-assed crap and be nowhere near reality - but not you. You live the messy life like me...and if I have to come up with something truly worse than all I've read here, there's no way in hell I'm gonna write it out and click 'Post' on that kind of shit! No Way! I'll just sit over here in the corner, shut the hell up, chain-smoke and wait for the news.

does it have to be in the first half hour OR quietly in his sleep, or can it be both? Cuz if it were me it would be both. Because I would have hit him over the head with an iron skillet within the moment he walked in the door, so yeah, he would be quietly sleeping.
I got nothing on the news though. Waiting to hear, praying for NotSoBad.

"Taking another hit" means bad news to me..so..I'm going to say that wacky Frank (was that his name?) burned down Utopia.

AAAGGGHHHHH!!! Bite your tongue!
I think I may have spooked the kids just a wee bit about Freaky Frank because they keep
bringing him up, like an urban myth or local legend or something.

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