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May 08, 2008


I heart Evan. If only I was 20 years younger. *Sigh*

Oh wow. Taking often-confused gramma out to a noisy balloon and clown infested place..I bet she woke up this morning and thought it was a dream.

sounds like a fun night. NOT. (loved your use of the "not" in your post that i just had to copy it) lol

poor you, poor grandma, poor even, and poor clown! :( I hate parents like this. ugh.

i have loud and active children, that can act out and totally inappropriate, but i don't pretend that it isn't happening... I wish if I did that it would just stop, that would be amazing, but instead i think i'm a little bit the over achiever, or at least the over discapliner.. not that i beat them and all that... but i'm always right on top of situations and usually my kids too. i cannot, CAN NOT, stand naughty loud children in restaurants! one of my many pet peeves. lol

glad Evan had the "skills" to tame the wild beast of a child. lol

i think i may need him to teach me that look! :)

hugs, jenn

Oooohhh...Evan has a future in public education...if he is crazy enough to want one, that is! 'The glare' is my most effective weapon in the classroom, and works (producing the same effect you describe) on the most unruly of children from kindergarden, all the way to the most thug-wanna-be seniors.

Nothing is more satisfying that watching a mouthy child shut right up because you've given them the attention their behavior was screaming for! And the best part? You don't say a word! So, the best they can offer anyone else is, "She was looking at me...and wouldn't stop."

Love it, love it, love it.

Go Evan! Go Evan!

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