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April 28, 2008


wait, so the doc gives you this info about the heavy metal concentrations but then doesn't tell you what it MEANS? WTF?

That is pretty wacky. Are you eating or drinking stuff from any porcelain bowls made in a foreign country? I read a story in the Reader's Digest when I was 12 about a family that essentially killed all their children by poisoning them with milk they stored in a porcelain jug from Mexico or somewhere. I was 12. I have worried about that EVER SINCE. Check your jugs.

i know it is SO not funny at all but the "check your jugs" thing just makes me laugh...like LOL laugh. like snort while laughing out loud. that could be the slogan for breast cancer awareness...

i'm sorry. i'm being slightly inappropriate.

this is interesting news, what does it all mean and when will they fill you in on it all??? i mean you can't just tell someone they have traces of all this stuff in thier body and then send them off on their merry little way.... or can you?? what the hell???

well i hope you get some answers VERY soon and also start to get it all taken care of and straightened out.

hugs, jenn

I hate it when people act like they're giving me what I'm asking for when they're actually only giving me everything BUT what I'm asking for. Bastards!

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