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April 05, 2008


LOL! This totally happened to me last weekend. I couldn't figure out if it was sunburn or windburn, but either way, it SUCKED! Oh, and embrace the blotches if you are so lucky!

Yea spf 8 ain't much. You coulda got the same results with crisco probably.

can we see a pic? Use aloe gel, it takes away the pain if you're in any.


I should have taken a photo last night. I looked like Two-Face, only smoother. This morning the redness has faded into pinkness. Not as harsh. Will attempt, but am doubtful it will show up in the camera- also because it's mostly on the sides, so I would have to do two 3/4 views to compare.

Time for a big old hat. I need a macho (for work) wide brimmed hat. Maybe something a tough "don't mess with me ref" guy would wear on safari, like that.

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