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April 11, 2008


Oh how I totally identify with this! Except, not today.

Normally, this is exactly why I love Fridays, too...and Saturdays, for that matter. But tomorrow I have to be up at regular time to go work concessions for the Special Olympics. So, I won't bitch and moan TOO much about it - it's for a good cause. But I shall be rubbing my green-eyed-monster eyes your way in the morning. Roll over and pull the covers over your head once for me, k?

Don't be jealous. My eyes flew open at 6:04 and due to the heavy snoring and disturbing leg tremor-ing coming from the other side of my bed (husband!!) I was forced to entertain murder fantasies (which I am quite sure is the only way to stop either one of his annoying bed habits) for 40 minutes before finally fleeing the bed with the last shred of my sanity. No snuggly warm cozy rest for the weary (me) in this house. sigh.

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