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April 17, 2008


Good for you! I hope you really do send that to him, and make sure he knows its CC'd to the State Medical Board AND the State Insurance Board. My mom was a quack investigator for Blue Cross for years, and I can tell you that they are more afraid of losing their insurance relationships than they are in losing their license.

That's really disgusting. You should go to the tv stations. help me Howard on Channel 11 or Arnold Diaz' Shame On You. They could make it really uncomfortable for the Rehab Center and the OFH. And public humiliation does wonders to get them to clean up their act. Good for you for blowing the whistle on them with authorities.

I can't even imagine what gramma would be going through if you werent around to CARE. Hellooo does anyone CARE about these people at ALL?

Major karma points. Your space in heaven just got granite countertops.

I am so glad that you did this... at some point you will get back all that you have been giving!!!

You go, girl!

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