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March 09, 2008


Beautiful photos. I love bridges so that's my favorite.

Beauties - especially the dead-to-the-world kids. How they can sleep like that is a mystery to me. Mine to the same thing. I'd be in the chiro all week.

What fun pictures. I love the shot of the bridge.

Ugh, the weather looks miserable! Great shot of the sleeping kiddos!

i hate driving in that kind of weather. Thanks for sharing.

The colors in that fourth shot are amazing!!

Those weather shots were really cool!

The sky on that fourth picture! WOW!

Please visit my post; have a great day!

Really great shots! I love road trips, and that bridge is awesome!

Great shot of the sleeping children:) The weather looks horrid!!

Wow.. a storm like I've never seen before.. (Veggie Tale reference, btw)

Great shots!

Love the one of the sunrise/sunset/"angry" clouds. Love the blur.

Great pictures - I love the bridge one.

Ah yes. Roadtrips are the best! Thx for sharing.

Stop on over at my place if you have time ( http://rnning2wn2.blogspot.com/2008/03/me-m.html). I have just one pic, so it shouldn't take long. I'll serve you a beverage. We can hang out.

Have a great week *smackies*

great pics. love the bridge shot. i love traveling... makes me want to take a trip. :)

Great shots...not so great weather!

LOL! Were you driving next to me on the bridge ;) Too funny! You know what they say about great minds right ;) Love the shots with the fog...very nice!

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