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March 29, 2008


i only have one word.


okay, okay. you know me better than that... i have at least 120 words. lol
that is so freakin' awesome!! I am sooo envious!! I really need a girls night sleep over thing. I think the next time that my friends parents are out of town, yeah, my friends are all really young, well only like 6 or so years younger than me and since some are in college they live at home still, but anyway the next time her parents are out of town, we are going to do a girls slumber party at her house, or even if they are home, they wouldn't care, and her mom and dad and I get along really well probably b/c i'm almost their age too! lol not quite, but we do get along super well.
anyway, i'm so glad you enjoyed yourself and had a lovely time. i am picturing my own version of the view you saw from your friends window. :) by the way it is beautiful!! :)
i hope you are still feeling relaxed and stress free!!
much love! jenn

dude, I need a babes getaway. I just get to go over to my neighbor's house after the kids go to bed and drink wine. (She's a single mom and can't leave after her kids go to bed, so we sit on her couch and giggle. Its what I have. :)

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