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March 05, 2008


No no NO!

I agree with Danelle. I think Matt was supposed to be born in the 60's. That way he'd be prime age for the horrible 70's shaggy hair and hideous facial hair. But I do like Evan's evil man's handlebar moustache

i think you children are very handsome, normally, but that they also look great with some facial hair on them. gives them the manly man look. lol these are hilarious. thanks for the laugh! and by the way!! Yay!! Yippee... I finally got to open your song today!! loved it!! and you do have a nice voice. Matt did a great job with the background music and the echo and all that. i'd say you have a real hit on your hands. :)
way to go!! make another, make another!!!
xoxoxoxox jenn

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