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February 07, 2008


Oh my god I want your butt!

(On my own backside of course)

sniff. That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Whoa! Booty-liciousness!

So sorry the stomach bug has spread. I hope all stomachs will settle in time for the weekend.

that sucks that you aren't feeling well. damn kids, teach them to share and the first thing they do with that knowledge is spread germs. lol but i do hope you are feeling much better soon!!

Now on to the BEST topic at hand!! You booty is an actual booty!! you MUST share you secrets!!
That butt is slammin' mamma!! :)

"a girl walks in with an itty bitty waste a round thing in your face!!" sir mix-a-lot! ;)
(not that you have big butt, just that you have a perfect booty!!)

Please please tell me all the things you did to get that... I NEED to do them too!! :)

Well at least *you* didn't puke in the base board heater...right?

Nice ass. ;)

How cute are you? Can I just squeeze your cheeks?

First, let me point out the obvious, I spent several minutes sizing up precisely what angle to take that shot from and then I used the best shot of the lot, so I wasn't about to use a half-assed shot while trying to prove I was be-assed. See? I am a photo pro, remember.

But here is the low down of all the ass enhancing I have been taking part in of late: Spin class, elliptical, lunges, squats (in many trainer/torture variations) and most of all the machine bubbles refers to as the J.Lo machine, which involves assuming a position similar to doggie style, except you put one foot back bahnd you on a weighted platform and push that through your heel back and up over and over until your butt is totally numb. Then you do the other side and then you do another set until you walk funny afterwards. I'll find out the real name of that machine on Monday. And I'll ask bubbles if I forgot anything too.

And to be honest with you folks, I do suspect that it is easier to go from butt-less to be-butted than the other way around. Notice I am not posting photos of my frontal jelly rolls


At least you had the sweater on inside out rather than forgetting to wear a bra or something like that!

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