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February 06, 2008


that really bites the big one!! damn I wouldn't even know where or how to begin to clean that. what a nightmare!! i would not be a happy mama right now if i were you. :(
hope you didn't have too rough of a time doing this. i'm thinking of how my son's room is set up... bed right up next to wall w/ baseboard on it.. YUCK!! maybe i should have the "if you are going to puke in your bed" talk... aim for the open floor in your bed... not the wall!!
UHHH!! Good luck!! how much is new baseboard anyway??? ;)
Hugs, jenn

I suggest keeping the wastebasket right next to his bed and having that chat. pronto.
Our cheapo baseboards come apart, so I put the big removable pieces in the shower and the
baked on marinara sauce was so hard and dry I could actually scrape it off of
the insides of the heater. shudder.

Oh dear....I'm so sorry. That sounds awful. I hate scrubbing that stuff off from plates, I just can't imagine.

I hope the baseboards aren't too damaged. :(

No. f'ing. WAY!!!! You might just have to move.

OMG, no way. He did not! Oh my! You should have gave him a bucket of hot water and a rag and said, have at it buddy!

Hope you are feeling better? If you got sick, you should have made Josh clean if for fun, lol! Just kidding ya.

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