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January 26, 2008


Ah Stepford! Don't you just love the fact that our kids will never allow us to quietly blend in with all the other 'wives' - not that either of us are particularly the blend-into-the-background kind of wives!

heh. I had a very confused teacher once ask me if I had had another baby and forgot to mention it? Because Will was telling everyone that my niece, his cousin, was his new baby sister. Also, I like to joke with my girlfriends that we got Will because Dickk Clark's New Years eve show was boring, which is actually true (b'day 9/23, do the math) and I didn't realize Drew had heard that once or twice...he went to school and told the teacher that. Oops.

Hmmmmm..... I soooo love that you feel the need to tell your kids EVERYTHING..........

oh yeah and for the record it was a bracelet (royal blue patent leather with studs to be exact)

Oh my! I don't look forward to these years with my daughter.... there are clearly many old photos that I need to find a nice hiding place for now! :-)

Bit by a shark??? Ouch!! Damn that has to suck.
What is really wrong with wearing a studded choker or bracelet while working at Hooters. A girl has to make a living. Come on!
I love the things that children remember and repeat!! lol
thanks for the giggle and smile!
Hugs, Jenn

that is so crazy...at least she was right about 1/3.

Reminds me of the Disney world commercial where the little girl (about 5) tells everyone in an elevator about the last trip to Disney and how she loved it and everything she did, and also how her mom calls her baby brother "her little souvenir" - Priceless! Be careful what you say around little ones. And in Evan's case - not so little ones. Thanks for the laugh!

OMG,I should just pull my son out of school RIGHT! NOW! I DREAD this kind of stuff!

(And I bet men would flock to Hooters even MORE if the waitresses wore studded dog collars!)


Oh, I so identified with your dread being asked that. I could scare the crapola out of you and give you a few heart-stopping moments from my own life as a mom, but I think I'll pass and save you the fear and myself the embarrassment. Let me just say instead - prepare yourself - there's more where that came from. :)

You were bit by a shark??? OMG...I want to hear about that!

You never know what your kids choose to share with other parents. My friend got a call from the preschool saying that her son had been telling other kids that his parents forced him to live up in the attic. She laughed and said" Oh no..are you joking?" They actually had to investigate her and her husband. He told LOTS of stories.

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