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December 29, 2007


Great pictures! I love scenery pictures, I take way too many myself - which is unfortunate because I haven't left my hometown in like 10 years...lol

As for the name thing - I am still using my name from my first marriage because every damn thing in my life is attached to it since I was married for 14 years. I hate the man, hate the marriage but the name is ok. I look at it as "who cares".

I do agree that our married name hangs a moniker of "belonging" to someone else on us - or at the very least showing that we used to be one thing, (ourselves) and now are something else (wife, mom).

It makes me really mad when husbands insist that their wives change their name - what kind of fucked up machismo shit is that? Why don't you worry about what's important like the length of your kids hair?! (ha couldn't resist)..

Do what *you* want with your names, I like that you keep your maiden name as a photographer and I hope you keep doing that. Besides if you ever make it "big" it will too confusing to your collectors to have two names floating around.

I don't think keeping your maiden name for your photos is a bad thing. I have a girlfriend who kept her maiden name at work for her email and her business cards because everyone knows her that way. She built a reputation on her maiden name. No one in her industry knows her by her married name. But she changed her SS Card and her driver's license and passport. When she makes dinner reservations their under the married name. But in business she uses her maiden name. Nothing wrong with that.

Ask the husband if he would have wanted to change his mname after gaining a reputation in his world? Highly unlikely. So you shouldn 't be expected to either and you shouldn't be made to feel guilty.

if it were me, i would do whichever would keep my marriage happier in the long run. but i would expect my husband to do the same.

if you change your name, you will get used to it eventually. or change the name personally, but keep the photography name your maiden name. there is something to be said for being able to let go of the things that held you back in the past, though.

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