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October 07, 2007


So after the entire year off from sixth grade they agreed to start slowly and then add on more periods? They couldn't try that in the sixth grade? That's disgusting. I'm so glad that high school is working for Matt.

As a matter of fact we asked for that in 6th grade and they wouldn't do it. Only when we brought in the knowledgeable no-nonsense educational consultant, who never took NO for an answer did the school become compliant. I hated the administration at the middle school.


This is a really good personal history by a very successful guy with Asperger's. He is a funny writer and really explains it well:


I am always shocked when schools don't want to work with parent for what is best for a child. Isn't that their job? I applaud you for fighting the middle school administration. I'm glad that Matt is having fun in high school also! Way to go Clickmom!

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